Washington State Patrol Performance Audit
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published February 1999 
Publication Number 99-4 
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This performance audit of the Washington State Patrol (Patrol) is the result of a mandate from the Legislature (ESSB 6061, 1997).   The Legislature and a Temporary Advisory Committee identified areas of audit interest.   The audit found the Patrol to be a forward-looking agency, responsive to Legislative directives.  The report's 14 recommendations identify areas of operational improvements by the Patrol.  

Bob Thomas, Project Supervisor
Robert Krell
Valerie Whitener
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Number of Pages 171 
Keywords WSP, Washington state patrol, police, overtime, call-out, commercial vehicle, CVO, live-scan, mobile computer, MCN, collocation, interoperability, mileage replacement, budget, budget process, cost recovery, patrol staffing, allocation, scheduling 
Category State/Local Government