WorkFirst Evaluation: Phase II Process Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published December 1999 
Publication Number 99-11 
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This study represents the second phase in the legislatively mandated evaluation of the effectiveness of WorkFirst Washington's welfare reform program. WorkFirst's evolution and complexity, coupled with the impact of a 31 percent caseload reduction, is the focus of the report. The report identifies problems with planning, data systems, and contracting. Three JLARC recommendations are aimed at improving these areas. 

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
John Woolley
Kendra Dahlen
Matt Stoutenburg
Toni Johnson
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Number of Pages 110 
Keywords welfare, work, job, employment, DSHS, SBCTC, CTED, ESD, collocation, co-locating, performance based contracting, WorkFirst, domestic violence, local area planning, transportation, child care, hard-to-serve, WorkFirst, work first, evaluation, process study 
Category Labor/Workforce Development