K-12 Learning Assistance Program Fiscal Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 1995 
Publication Number 95-2 
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The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a state-funded remediation program for students in grades K-9 who need extra help in school to acquire basic skills.  The 1993-95 appropriation is $108 million.  This study was mandated in the 1994 supplemental budget because of questions about the program funding basis (fourth and eight grade test scores in the state assessment program), local operations, and program effectiveness.  The enrollment and expenditures in school districts.  The report also finds that the fourth and eighth grade test scores, which are the main funding driver for LAP, are not direct measures of LAP performance and are largely independent of program delivery at the local level.  Based on these findings, the report presents options for revising the LAP funding formula and program performance measures.


Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Matt Temmel, Analyst
Bert Hoff, Analyst

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Keywords Learning, assistance, LAP, state, assessment, program, remediation, chapter 1, chapter one, funding, formula, special needs, student, caseload 
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