K-12 Inservice Education Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 1995 
Publication Number 95-1 
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This study responds to legislative questions regarding additional degrees and credits the K-12 teachers can report for salary advancement.  This study was required by the 1994 Supplemental Budget, ESSB 6244, section 104 (3) (c).

Overall, JLARC found that the state allocation system which was designed to distribute money to local districts to pay teacher salaries has, in effect, become a compensation system at the local level.  As a result, there may be legislative concerns regarding the minimal standards for training and accountability in the system.  Policy options to address potential issues are presented in the report.

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Beth Keating, Analyst
Lyle Davieau, Analyst
Bert Hoff, Analyst
Lisa Robinson, Analyst
Theo Yu, Consultant
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Keywords K-12, inservice, in-service, in service, education, salary, advancement, teacher, teachers, state, allocation, certificated, instructional, staff, compensating, performance, training 
Category Education