Puget Sound Partnership’s 2012 Action Agenda Update
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Date Published February 2013 
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ESSB 5372 (2007)
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JLARC’s 2011 audit of the Puget Sound Partnership’s (PSP) concluded that the 2008 Action Agenda lacked critical accountability tools. The 2012 Legislature directed JLARC to review the Partnership’s updated Action Agenda to determine if those recommendations were implemented. JLARC found that the 2012 Action Agenda improves accountability, but continues to have shortcomings in three key areas: linking actions to progress toward goals, prioritizing actions, and monitoring effectiveness. In its response to the audit, the Partnership states that it does not believe it is always possible to identify in a quantifiable way how much proposed investments in the Action Agenda will contribute to the restoration of Puget Sound. Without this linkage, it will not be possible for the Legislature to know what restoration progress has been achieved as a result of the state’s investments, and whether those investments are making progress that is sufficient to achieve the goals expected for 2020.
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Keywords PSP, Puget Sound, Partnership, Action Agenda, restoration 
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