Competency To Stand Trial, Phase I
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Date Published December 2012 
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The 2012 Legislature passed SSB 6492 to “substantially improve the timeliness of services related to competency to stand trial” and establish performance standards for competency evaluations and referrals to state hospitals. This bill also directs JLARC to complete two performance assessments of DSHS’s timeliness in completing competency evaluations. At this preliminary stage, DSHS reports that it has plans in place to address new statutory requirements. JLARC identified three issues for the Legislature to be aware of: (1) It appears the state hospitals did not meet the assumed staffing and productivity standards in the first three months of implementation; (2) JLARC’s request for data revealed data reliability issues. If DSHS does not address these data reliability issues, it will impact the ability to report on its progress and JLARC’s ability to complete its second study; (3) Competency evaluations involve more than the state hospitals, and these parties’ actions can delay evaluations. The second JLARC study will be done December 2013.
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