Department of Natural Resources Helicopter Cost and Use
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2011 
Publication Number 11-3 
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The Legislature directed JLARC in ESSB 6444 (2010) to complete a report on the use and cost of helicopters by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for wildland fire suppression.  The JLARC review examined whether it is more advantageous to the state for DNR to use its own helicopters or to enter into exclusive use contracts with private vendors or non-state governmental entities.  We found that it is significantly less expensive for DNR to operate its own helicopters.  We also found that availability of helicopters sufficiently outfitted and rated for fire suppression activities is limited.  The report recommends that DNR conduct an analysis of the number of helicopters the Department should have in its fleet and how many helicopters must be ready for immediate deployment.

John Bowden, Analyst
David Dean, Project Supervisor


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Number of Pages 32 
Keywords wildfires, helicopters 
Category Economic Development/Natural Resources