Stormwater Permit Requirements
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2011 
Publication Number 11-2 
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The 2010 Supplemental Transportation Budget directed JLARC to review options for implementing a new stormwater permit issued to the Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in 2009.  WSDOT is requesting $21.6 million in 2011-13 to implement the requirements of the permit.  As directed, JLARC reviewed whether WSDOT, the Department of Ecology, a consortium of state and local entities, and the private sector could perform the major permit activities.  JLARC found that there are viable options for meeting the major permit requirements.  However, it is not clear which option would perform best due to key gaps in information on timing and costs.  JLARC makes one recommendation to the Legislature and one recommendation to WSDOT for addressing information gaps to assist with future budget decision making.

Stephanie Hoffman, Analyst
John Woolley, Analyst
Eric Thomas, Analyst
David Dean, Project Supervisor


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Keywords stormwater, permits, transportation 
Category Transportation