Information-Sharing and Medicaid Reinstatement for Individuals Released from Confinement
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published May 2010 
Publication Number 10-5 
2009-11 Operating Budget
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The 2009-11 Operating Budget directed JLARC to review the status of implementation of four specific bills related to: 1) increasing information-sharing between the criminal justice and behavioral health systems (E2SSB 6358 (2004) and E2SSB 5763 (2005)); and 2) facilitating reinstatement of Medicaid coverage for adults with a mental illness, and juveniles, upon their release from correctional or therapeutic confinement (E2SHB 1290 (2005) and 2SHB 1088 (2007)).  For each of these two topics, this JLARC study identifies the relevant provisions from these laws, reports on the status of their implementation, and offers recommendations to further their implementation and to examine the outcomes of these efforts.

Cynthia Forland, Analyst
Keenan Konopaski, Project Supervisor


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Number of Pages 82 
Keywords criminal justice, mental illness, medicaid, behavioral health, confinement, correctional 
Category Human Services