State Activities Supporting Recreational Boating in Washington
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published December 2010 
Publication Number 10-12 
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The 2009-2011 Biennial Operating Budget directed the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) to conduct a study of state recreational boating activities in Washington with a focus on funding and organization and to examine approaches other states have taken to funding and organizing their recreational boating activities.  This study identified that, in the 2007-09 biennium, Washington received or collected $70.9 million in revenues from 31 boating-related revenue sources and expended $54.0 million on 30 state recreational boating activities.  Washington had the broadest range of activities and the most revenue sources of 33 states that responded to JLARC’s national survey.  The survey also showed that there was no correlation between the organizational structure of a state’s recreational boating activities and either the number of activities in which a state engaged or the number of boating-related revenue sources a state received.

Fara Daun, Analyst
Keenan Konopaski, Project Supervisor


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Keywords boating, recreation 
Category Economic Development/Natural Resources