Preparing for JLARC's 2011 and 2016 Performance Audit of the Puget Sound Partnership
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published June 2009 
Publication Number 09-6 
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The Legislature created the Puget Sound Partnership in 2007 to lead the effort to protect and restore Puget Sound by 2020. JLARC is to conduct performance audits of the Partnership in 2011 and 2016. The briefing paper and presentation provides background information on the Partnership and its responsibilities, briefly describes the experiences of other states as they grapple with similar large scale restoration projects, and addresses the Partnership’s transition from developing an Action Agenda to providing oversight and monitoring of the Action Agenda’s implementation. The briefing paper finishes with the Partnership’s detailed responses to questions JLARC asked about the transition to oversight and accountability. After the presentation by JLARC staff, the Executive Director of the Partnership will present a summary of the Partnership’s responses to JLARC questions with a focus on the establishment of accountability mechanisms.


John Woolley


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Keywords natural resources, puget sound 
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