2008 Performance Audits of Tax Preferences - Expedited Reviews
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2009 
Publication Number 09-4 

EHB 1069

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EHB 1069 creates a Citizen Commission for Performance Measurement of Tax Preferences and directs that the Commission develop a schedule to accomplish an orderly review of tax preferences at least once every ten years. JLARC is to review tax preferences according to the schedule developed by the Commission, and for each tax preference, provide a recommendation as to whether the tax preference should be continued without modification, modified, scheduled for review at a future date, or terminated.  

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Gary Benson 360-786-5618 Keenan Konopaski 360-786-5187
Lizbeth Martin-Mahar 360-786-5123    
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Number of Pages 251 
Keywords Tax Preferences 2008 
Category State/Local Government