Evaluation of the Department of Early Learning: Pre-Audit
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published September 2007 
Publication Number 07-13 

2SHB 2964

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2006 legislation (2SHB 2964) directs JLARC to conduct an evaluation of the implementation and operation of the Department of Early Learning. JLARC is to assess the extent to which: 1) services and programs have been effectively integrated; 2) reporting and monitoring activities have been consolidated and made more efficient; 3) consolidation has resulted in administrative efficiencies; 4) services are improved; 5) subsidized child care is available and affordable; 6) the Department has been an effective partner in the private-public partnership; 7) procedures have been put in place to respect parents and legal guardians and provide opportunities to participate in the development of policies and program decisions affecting their children. This Pre-Audit report will include a data collection plan specifying the information the Department will be collecting for the evaluation due in 2010.


Sylvia Gil, Analyst


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Number of Pages 17 
Keywords Early learning, ECAP, WCCC, DEL, Early Reading Initiative, Working Connections, Child Care, Early Childhood Education 
Category Education