General Contractor/Construction Manager Procedures Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published June 2005 
Publication Number 05-9 
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The 2003-05 Capital Budget directed JLARC to review the use of “general contractor/construction manager” (GC/CM) contracting procedures in major public works projects.  Major public works projects have traditionally been carried out using the design/bid/build (DBB), or “lump sum”, method of contracting.  Since the 1990s, the Legislature has also authorized a limited number of state and local entities to use GC/CM as a means of addressing issues of design, schedule, or project complexity.  Under GC/CM, the contractor provides input during the design phase and acts as the general contractor during the construction phase.  In this report, JLARC reviews past and current projects constructed using GC/CM contracting procedures.  Project data are used to determine the feasibility of assessing the public benefits and costs of using this alternative method of public works contracting. 

Jill Satran, Analyst
Isabel Munoz-Colon, Analyst
Ann Daley, Interim Legislative Auditor

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Number of Pages 73 
Keywords General, Contractor, Construction, Manager, Design, bid, build, department of general administration, GA, UW, WSU, university, washington 
Category State/Local Government