Alternative Learning Experience Programs Study
Report Type Interim Report 
Date Published February 2005 
Publication Number 05-6 
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The 2004 Supplemental Operating Budget directed JLARC, in cooperation with the State Auditor’s Office, to conduct a legal and financial review of Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs within the state’s K-12 public school system.  These programs are primarily distinguished by off-campus instruction and, under rules administered by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instructions, can be claimed by school districts for full basic education funding.  Major program types include digital learning or internet-based programs, parent/partner programs, and certain forms of contracted education.  The study mandate requires an interim report by February 1, 2005, and a full report by June 30, 2005.  This interim report provides general background information on these programs and presents the results of a survey of school districts regarding the programs they operate.  The major focus, however, is on those ALE programs that rely on digital or internet-based curriculum.  The report offers six recommendations related to these programs.  Also included is a status update from the State Auditor’s Office on its work in this area.

Robert Krell , Analyst
Cindi Yates , Project Supervisor

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Keywords Alternative Learning Experience, ALE, OSPI, digital learning, parent-partner, program, on-line, online, internet, e-mail, email 
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