Statewide Public Safety Communications Inventories and Plans
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published September 2004 
Publication Number 04-September 
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SIEC Presentation to JLARC - September 2004
SHB 1271 from the 2003 Session sets up a strategic interoperability telecommunications executive committee responsible for completing an inventory and a state plan for achieving interoperability of emergency communications.  JLARC and the Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program (LEAP) are to provide consultation for these efforts.  Upon reviewing the Interim Statewide Public Safety Communications Plan, issued through the State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC), JLARC and LEAP shared with the SIEC two areas—related to the recommendations contained within the interim plan and involvement of local governments—that warrant further elaboration.  SIEC’s Executive Summary highlights their work to date, progress toward implementing the recommendations contained in the interim communications plan, and future activities. 
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