Follow-Up: 2001 Investing in the Environment Performance Audit
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published June 2004 
Publication Number 04-9 
JLARC Directed follow-up
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The 2003-05 Capital Budget provided $497 million to 12 programs in six state agencies for grant and loan funding of environmental and natural resource projects throughout the state.  JLARC’s 2001 “Investing in the Environment” performance audit recommended changes in the ways state agencies invest money in projects, track results, and coordinate services to local governments.  JLARC’s recent follow-up reviews have found that agencies are generally making progress towards implementing the recommendations and improving services to local governments.  However, a survey of local jurisdictions and nonprofits indicates that the programs need to better coordinate services.
Cindi Yates, Project Supervisor
Eric Thomas
, Analyst
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Number of Pages 32 
Keywords Environment, investing 
Category Economic Development/Natural Resources