Performance and Outcome Measure Review: Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Injured Workers
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published October 2003 
Publication Number 03-11 
JLARC Sponsored study
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The preliminary report of this review was distributed for JLARCs September 17th meeting, but discussion of it was tabled until JLARCs October meeting.  This review of the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I)  performance-based referral system for vocational rehabilitation services provided to injured workers looks at the performance measures used to monitor the quality and effectiveness of private vocational rehabilitation providers, and how those measures are used.  JLARC found that L&I has not been in full compliance with a statutory mandate to make referrals based on quality and effectiveness to its providers of vocational rehabilitation services.  The performance indicators in place largely do not measure quality and effectiveness, and L&I does not require these indicators to be used in making referrals.  JLARC recommends L&I consider other approaches for promoting accountability over the allocation of resources to its vocational rehabilitation providers.  Both the Department of Labor and Industries and the Office of Financial Management have concurred with JLARCs recommendation. 

Tom Sykes, Project Supervisor
Larry Brubaker
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Keywords Labor and Industries, Vocational Rehabilitation 
Category Labor/Workforce Development