Washington State School for the Deaf: Capital Facilities Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published August 2002 
Publication Number 02-8 
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The 2001 operating budget directs JLARC to review capital facilities planning at the Washington School for the Deaf, working in conjunction with the Institute for Public Policy study listed above. While the JLARC study finds some commendable aspects of the School’s capital planning process, it also finds that WSD has yet to incorporate some key information into its capital planning, namely, the school’s long-term decline in enrollment and a cost analysis of legitimate alternatives for developing the campus. The JLARC study also provides a focus on the capital facility implications of the alternatives identified in the Institute study. The preliminary report makes recommendations regarding additional steps for capital facilities planning at the school.

Tom Sykes, Project Supervisor
Linda Byers
, Analyst

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Number of Pages 56 
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