Department of Transportation Aviation Division Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published August 2002 
Publication Number 02-6 
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This study responds to a provision in the 2001-03 Transportation Budget that directs JLARC to conduct a performance audit to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of removing the Aviation Division from the Department of Transportation and creating a Washington State Department of Aviation.   This study: 1) reviews the reasons advanced both for and against continuing to house the Aviation Division within WSDOT; 2) examines customer perspectives towards the Aviation Division; and 3) assesses the cost implications of removing the Aviation Division from WSDOT and creating a separate agency.  The study makes three recommendations.

Bob Thomas, Project Supervisor
Robert Krell
, Analyst
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Number of Pages 40 
Keywords Department of Transportation, DOT, Aviation Division, WSDOT, Pilot, pilot perceptions, airport manager, airport manageer/contact, perspective, survey of aviation, survey of customers, analysis of process, analysis of processes, comparison of regulations 
Category Transportation