Developmental Disabilities Division: Caseload and Staffing Issues
Report Type Interim Report 
Date Published May 2002 
Publication Number 02-3 
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The 2001-2003 Biennial Operating Budget mandated this JLARC study of field-based staffing issues in the Developmental Disabilities Division of DSHS.  JLARC was directed to review the reliability of the caseload and staff numbers driving a 2001-03 budget request for a substantial increase in case managers.  The report recommends that the Division take immediate steps to ensure that only eligible clients are on its caseload and that DDD submit a plan to the Legislature to develop and implement practices and controls to ensure it can monitor its caseloads. 

Tom Sykes, Project Supervisor
John Woolley
, Analyst
Shayne Frost, Analyst
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Number of Pages 16 
Category Human Services