Welfare Reform and WorkFirst: The Challenges of Finding and Keeping a Job
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published June 2001 
Publication Number 01-5 
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The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC), together with the Institute for Public Policy, has been assessing the impact of Washington's 1997 welfare reform WorkFirst since its beginning in 1997.  This final phase of that evaluation focuses on the question: Do post-employment services make a difference in keeping welfare recipients employed?  And we found that they do: these services help raise earnings and help people stay employed.  Part 1 of the report provides a brief overview of what we have learned to-date from JLARC's evaluation of WorkFirst.  Part 2 contains the Institute for Public Policy's report on the findings of its post-employment analysis.  Part 3 concludes with follow-up information on WorkFirst's implementation of JLARC's major recommendations of the past three years. 

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
John Woolley

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Keywords Welfare Reform, WorkFirst, work first, finding a job, finding and keeping a job, welfare caseload, post-employment, service, services, welfare clients, barriers to employment, work-focused approach, approaches, welfare work policy, welfare work policies 
Category Labor/Workforce Development