Welfare Caseload Trends in Washington State 1997-2000 (WSIPP)
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2001 
Publication Number 01-3 
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Analysis of Long-Term Welfare Use and the Approaching Time Limits (Washington State Institute for Public Policy). In this report, the Washington State Institute for Public Policya partner with JLARC in its on-going evaluation of Washington's welfare reform, WorkFirst presents new information on the changing WorkFirst caseload: how it has changed over the years and what this might mean to policy makers.  The Institute's analysis also provides additional focus on the issue of time limits, and the characteristics of those public assistance recipients who are most likely to be impacted by these time limits. 

Mason Burley
Stephen Lerch
Jim Mayfield
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Number of Pages 24 
Keywords welfare caseload, trends, temporary assistance for needy families, TANF, welfare caseloads, workFirst, long-term stay, long term stay, long-term stays, long term stays, five year, five-year, limit, TANF time limit, time limit, DSHS, WSIPP, ESD 
Category Labor/Workforce Development