Mental Health System Performance Audit
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published December 2000 
Publication Number 00-8 
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The 1999 Legislature mandated a broad performance audit of Washingtons public mental health system to include the roles and responsibilities of the different organizations involved, the cost and outcomes of mental health services, and the allocation of funding to the 14 county-operated Regional Support Networks (RSNs).  This performance audit finds a lack of effective coordination of services to clients with multiple needs.  Also, current system oversight activities measure service activities, rather than outcomes.  Moreover, fiscal, client, and service data collected by the state are not consistent, and inequities in funding to the RSNs lead to inequities of services available to clients.  The report makes 14 recommendations: to improve the coordination of services; to improve the consistency of data collected; to reduce process-oriented accountability activities; to establish a system of measuring outcomes; to increase equity in the distribution of funding; and to promote practices to provide services in a cost-effective manner. 

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Larry Brubaker
Valerie Whitener
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Number of Pages 105 
Category Human Services