Diabetes Cost Reduction Act Sunset Review
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published January 2000 
Publication Number 00-1 
Diabetes Cost Reduction Act - 1997 2SSB 5178
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This report finds that while utilization of the health benefits provided in the Act can, according to clinical studies, result in improved health outcomes, less is definitively known about the Act's cost-effectiveness.  The report recommends that the legislature repeal the sunset provision attached to the Act so that the Act will continue; and that the Department of Health conduct an evaluation of the Act's long-term effectiveness.  (Unless the sunset provision is repealed, the Act will terminate on June 30, 2001.) 

Bob Thomas, Supervisor
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Keywords sunset, sunset review, review, self-management, health outcome, health outcomes, diabetes, cost reduction, diabetes cost reduction act, complication, complications, chapter 276, DSHS 
Category Human Services