K-12 Finance and Student Performance Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published September 1999 
Publication Number 99-9 
1998 Supplemental Appropriations Act
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This mandated study examines various education issues, including how Washington compares with other states on key indicators, revenue allocation and expenditure patterns among districts and schools, teacher qualifications and student-teacher ratios across the state, the relative influence of factors affecting student performance, and the availability of data needed to support education reform and the new accountability system.

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Pete Bylsma
Larry Brubaker
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Number of Pages 154 
Keywords education, k-12, finance, school, schools, enrollment data, school expenditure accounting, system, superintendent of public instruction, OSPI, performance study, student performance, funding, k-12 funding, funding for education, revenue and expenditure 
Category Education