Involuntary Commitment of Mentally Ill Persons: Study of the Impact of SSB 5562
Report Type Briefing Report 
Date Published December 1999 
Publication Number 99-14 
SSB 5562  RCW 71.05.285
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This report finds the impact of the Act may be more limited than intended because many people in the mental health system are unfamiliar with it. The report recommends that the Mental Health Division, within the Department of Social and Health Services, take steps to ensure that all counties have available information on the Act, and also coordinate a discussion on how information about policy changes should be communicated in the future.

Robert Krell, Analyst
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Keywords involuntary commitment, less restrictive alternative commitment, LRA, CDMHP, county designated health professional, mental health, mental illness, mentally ill, DSHS, MHD, mental health division, criminal, criminal justice, justice, SSB 5562, impact 
Category Human Services