Impact of Full Card Simulcasting and Reduction in the Parimutuel Tax on the Horse Racing Industry
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published December 1999 
Publication Number 99-12 
E2SSB 6562
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These efforts to help the horse racing industry had mixed impacts of a positive nature on the industry. JLARC recommends continuation of a reduction in the parimutuel tax—one of the initiatives to assist the industry as well as identification of a funding source for agricultural fairs, formerly supported by a portion of the parimutuel tax.

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Gerry McLaughlin, Auditor
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Keywords horse racing, horse racing commission, racetrack, simulcasting, simulcast, E2SSB 6562, impact, full card, reduction, parimutuel, tax, horse racing industry, playfair, race course4, Yakima meadows, emerald downs, horse racing industries, enhanced 
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