Effects of Certificate of Need and Its Possible Repeal
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 1999 
Publication Number 99-1 
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This legislatively mandated study examines the effects of CON and its possible repeal on the cost, quality, and availability of five heath services—hospitals, ambulatory surgery, kidney treatment, home health, and hospice--as well as charity care and health services in rural areas.  The study presents three policy options for consideration: (1) reform CON to address its current weaknesses, (2) repeal parts or all of the program while taking steps to increase monitoring and ensure that relevant goals are being met, and (3) conduct an economic study of how repealing CON would affect local health care markets and providers. (Report 99-1, 1/8/99)  Download Appendix 2 as a separate file. 

Ron Perry, Project Supervisor
Peter Bylsma
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Keywords Certificate of Need, CON, health, healthcare, hospitals, DSHS, DOH, hospital, repeal, department of social and health services, department of health, cost, quality, availability, charity care, charity, health service, rural area, long-term health care 
Category Human Services