Department of Corrections Performance Audit
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published August 1998 
Publication Number 98-3 
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This audit of the Department of Corrections (DOC) looked at issues of efficiency, legislative compliance, and effectiveness in many of the agencys major responsibilities.   The Governor's 1999-2001 Request Budget identifies savings of $1.9 million attributable to the audit findings.  Download Appendices 2, 6, & 7 as a separate file. 


Ron Perry and Bob Thomas, Project Supervisors
Beth Keating
Elizabeth DuBois
Heather Moss
Kendra Dahlen

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Number of Pages 92 
Keywords DOC, Department of Corrections, institutional staffing, cost per bed, trends, correctional staffing model, non-custody staffing, non custody staffing, community supervision, prison, prisons, corrections, offender programming, inmate 
Category Corrections/Judiciary